Google Chrome is used by some because it offers extensions that may be installed into the browser. This means that a user may use certain tools within the browser itself. This makes certain tasks such as web designing a little easier. This is especially true when the web designer would like to lift colors or web elements from other websites.
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1 - Pendule

This is an extension that gives web developer tools for things such as viewing JavaScript on a page. It has in-built developer tools through which you may do things such as disable or reload CSS, pick colors and get information about images. It has form editing functions and a topographic view.

2 - Eye Dropper

This tool allows you to pick colors from a web page. It gives you their color code so that you may add those colors to your own website or blog. This extension is a rather advanced color chooser that is similar to the ones that you see on photo editing software. You simply click the area or color that you want to copy and it gives you the color in your buffer and the code for it too.

3 - MeasureIt!

This Google Chrome extension will allow you to measure the pixel height and width of an element on a web page. This is good for if you are thinking about printing pages or adding web elements to an already condensed web design. There are lots of uses for such a tool that are going to save the developer having to do a lot of math.

4 - Firebug Lite

This is the stripped down version of Firebug. It is part of a development tool that is far larger, but for a Google Chrome extension it is pretty good. It gives you a rich visual representation and very good features for looking at HTML elements of a page by using your mouse pointer. It also has live CSS editing functions too.

5 - Aviary Screen Capture

With this extension you my take a screen shot of a web page and have it saved directly to your hard drive without having to open up an image editor. It also allows you to edit images directly from your web browser. You may edit it, add notes, or draw on top of it. You may crop and or rotate your image. You may resize and flip it and you may grab any color information from the browser too. There is also an audio editor capacity.

6 - Chrome SEO

This provides you with tool to help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It gives you tools to help you fulfill daily tasks for on-page SEO. But, also has functions to allow you to do keyword research, competition analysis, PageRank checks and backlink checks too. It gives you lots of tools that you may appreciate if you are a blogger or a webmaster.

7 - Chrome Sniffer 

You may inspect the framework of other websites with this extension tool. You may look at the JavaScript library that is running on the website or you may see which content management tool was used. It gives you icons to tell you which frameworks have been detected. It is currently programmed to recognize seventy content management programs.

8 - Lorem Ipsum Generator

This tool will allow you to create random “Lorem Ipsum” text. If you wish to integrate it into your web design then you will find that this Google Chrome extension to be very useful, especially if you are opting for an attractive or a minimalist design.

9 - IE Tab

This is an extension that you may use if you want to check the compatibility of your web designs. It allows you to see your web page running on an Internet Explorer tab. It runs the same protocols that the Internet Explorer runs, so you may see if your website has any bugs that present themselves when people view the Internet Explorer browser and the website.

10 - Instant Image Editor

Hold down the alt key and right click on an image. This extension then allows you to edit the image using Pixlr. This is a program that runs on the browser and is easy to use. If you right click on an element that is not an image, then the extension will search for any sort of background image that you may be able to use and alter. It if has a background image that may be edited then it will allow you to do so.

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